If you value your dreams and their messages or are interested in discovering more of your who you are and who you are becoming with astrology, you’ve come to the right place! I am currently working on a book on how to interpret your dreams using astrology and this is the companion website to my book-in-progress. I wanted to get started sharing this amazing tool!

I’ve been writing my dreams down and interpreting them for the last thirty-plus years and I’ve been studying astrology for the last twenty. One of the most amazing and fascinating things that I’ve discovered is that the archetypes of the transiting planets out there right now are inserting themselves into my dreams cloaked in the usual dream symbols. Transiting Mars sextiling my Sun turns up as a red donut water-floaty that I am spinning around in. Or transiting Jupiter trining my Mercury/Neptune shows up as a kindly older man who gives me some an inspiring message. Or two friends in my dream are getting re-married and when I look at each of their Sun signs I see that my female friend, a Capricorn, is the symbol my psyche has chosen to portray Venus in Capricorn, while her husband, a Libra, was chosen to play the role of Mars in Libra – in the sky, on that morning, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra were exactly squaring each other. People who already know some astrology are going to understand the significance right away but I’m hoping to teach those of you who are interested in your dreams and are Dreamers (because some of us really are!) enough astrology so that you can begin to make your own correlations. This website and my future book will help you with that!

“A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood, it becomes a living experience.” ~C.G. Jung, Collected Works 16: 252

The brilliant thing about this is that, if you are stumped when you are interpreting your own dream or a dream of a friend, you can simply look for the archetypal symbols in your dream, correlate them with the planets or signs or houses (using my dictionaries at first until you become your own pro 🙂 ) and then check to see what the planets were doing that morning and if you get a hit, you are pointed to the exact spot in your chart that is being affected and so you learn soooooo much more about the meaning of the dream, the meaning of the transit and, of course, you discover so much more about your Self. Which is the whole purpose of analysing your dreams and of studying astrology. It’s an amazing tool and I want to share it!

***All Artwork on this page by Sveta Alenina, thank you!***